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Royal Doulton

Royal Doulton - Trunk in Salute - Large HN 966 (Rare)

Royal Doulton - Trunk in Salute - Large HN 966 (Rare)

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The trunk in a salute is supposed to be good luck.

The elephant has white tusks which is extremely rare to find.

Model No: 489.  Issued: 1926 - 1962
Country of Origin: England

Dimensions: L: 24cm (9.45"), W: 10cm (3.93"), H: 17cm (6.7")

Condition: The figurine is in good vintage condition. No cracks or chips in the glazing.
Tip of one tusk is missing.
There is a small chip under one foot that is only visible when the elephant is upside down.
There are a few very small white specs on the elephant.
Behind the left ear there is a small grey colour defect from the glazing process.

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